Thursday, October 2, 2008

Site to Move to

Hello Ladies,

I have been wonderfully surprised at the large interest in my makeup aspect of this blog. Because of popular demand and realizing that I will be writing more about makeup tips and product reviews I am moving my blog to Mommy advice and children product reviews will STILL occasionally be included, but my priority will be making us look like HOT moms.

**Please make a note of this - follow the embedded link above or the link to the right under my Fav site listing.**

JennySue Makeup is my company's name and it will be best to streamline my services website (, which is currently under construction) along with my blog site.

A new post is already up Entitled "The Natural Look Ain't Always So Natural", which I think y'all will get a lot of juicy tidbits out of.

Thanks, and I'll see y'all over at JennySue.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Spend it like (Posh) Beckham

Ladies, here is the much anticipated part two of two of my "Save and Splurge" beauty products. Now it's time to discuss two categories of makeup which deserve the higher price tag:
1. Eye shadows (SPLURGE) Finding the right color and type of eyeshadow is like finding a needle in a haystack because there are a ton of them out there. That's why JennySue has done the homework for you as to why splurging on eyeshadow is justified. Higher end shadows seem to have much better pigments and blend ability which leads to staying power. That's what you're paying for.

JennySue's Picks:
Stila eyeshadow pans. This brand can be used dry, wet (for a more dramatic look) or as an eyeliner. Colors I go to from this line that are pretty universal- "Barefoot Contessa" (metallic plum brown), "Golightly" (shimmery bronze), and "Kitten" (nude pink).
MAC eye shadows. They offer a ton of colors and are worth buying a few to choose from such as- "Club" (funky greenish brown, very cool), "Sable" (muted plum brown), and "Arena" (soft golden peach).

*JennySue Secret*- when searching for what colors to wear with your eye color, stick to the opposite rule and pick a color that contrasts to your eye color. For example, if you have green or hazel eyes, try a purple or plum. For blue eyes, go bronze and golds. For brown eyes (like me), you're lucky, you can pretty much wear it all, so try a navy or violet.

2. Makeup Brushes (SPLURGE) Now that you've got your pricey shadows, what are you going to apply them with? Fortunately the expensive shadows don't typically come with a cheapo plastic sponge tip applique like the drugstore brands. My reasoning behind buying nice brushes- do you think Rembrandt or DaVinci painted their masterpieces by using something resembling their kids watercolor brush that came in their Winnie The Pooh paint by number book?? Heck no. So YOU shouldn't apply ANY makeup with cheap brushes.

JennySue's Top Picks:

Stila- AGAIN. Yes, they have great brushes. And my number one pick for those of you that don't want to fool around with a ton of brushes- get their #15 brush with the dual sides-one for all over color and the other tip for crease color. Brilliant brush.
Bare Escentuals- They have killer face brushes. My two favs are their "Angled Brush" which is great for applying blush in just the right spot and the "Flawless Application Face Brush" that is good for all over powder, bronzer, or mineral powder. An seems as if 8 out of 10 friends of mine now use mineral powder!

There it is, you are armed with the knowledge of what to SPLURGE. Now go treat yourself and spend a little know Victoria would :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Socialite look on a Walmart budget

Hey Ladies, this is part one of two on my "Save and Splurge" beauty products topic. Now, here's how I save on two important beauty products.

It can be depressing to hear about how our economy is totally tanking and there’s no doubt pretty much all of us mommies have been hit in some way shape or form by it. BUT there are some makeup products we just CAN’T live without and quite frankly don’t WANT to live without! We need to know where we can cut corners and when it‘s necessary to dive into the emergency cash drawer in order to keep ourselves looking 5 years younger!

Here are a couple of beauty items that could we can SAVE on:

1. Foundation (SAVE) A majority of women think this is where you need to spend a lot of bank. However, if you have a good eye for your skin tone, then hit the drugstore not the department store. Most women think if they buy a makeup product, open it and aren’t satisfied with it, then they’re stuck with it. Not true. Simply keep your receipt, because as a consumer it’s your right to return it if it doesn’t fit your need. Most retailers such as Target and Walmart are totally cool IF you have the original receipt. I usually buy 2 or 3 foundations in different shades that I think might work and take back the ones that don't make me look like my natural self. They can’t expect me to get it right the first time if I can’t open the product in the store, right??

JennySue's Top Picks
L’Oreal True Match liquid foundation - for the makeup minimalist and a more natural look, and yes's oil free

Max Factor Pan Cake - wonderful foundation for someone who wants FULL coverage (an old school product that NEEDS to be re-discovered). It's blasphemy that it's usually relegated to the bottom shelf

2. Mascara (Save) There are tons of these out on the market, so most cosmetic companies are always trying to one up each other on this product. Cause let's face it...who doesn’t want false-looking lashes!? I’ve tried the $20-$30 mascaras, and yes they’re nice, but the $7-$10 are JUST as bangin'!

JennySue's Top Picks
Maybelline Define-A-Lash - a flexible brush that helps lengthen the lash

Maybelline Lash Discovery - a mini-brush, catering towards women with tiny lashes or for your hard to reach bottom lashes

So there are two categories of beauty products that you ladies can head to Walmart for and end up looking like the ultimate socialite like Serena or Blair on Gossip Girl.

Happy Shopping!

Monday, September 29, 2008

How To Get Celebrity Lashes!

Don't you always wonder why female celebrities always look just a little bit better than the average female in their red carpet photos?? It's simple- they wear false eyelashes!! I swear it's the one makeup trick that makes the biggest difference by far. And with a little practice, you too can look celeb perfect at your next special event, wedding, black tie affair, or just a night out with your hubby!

For starters, make sure to use the individuals, not the strips. Individuals look the most realistic. If one takes a nose dive off your eye, it won't look as obvious as say the old school strips coming off looking like a weird caterpillar crawling off your eye!! My favorite pick for falsies are Ardell individual lashes in the short flare black.

Here are my simple steps for applying false eyelashes:

1. Must have supplies to get you started
  • a pair of tweezers (only Tweezerman tweezers will do!)
  • small cosmetic scissors
  • eyelash curler (my fav is Shiseido's-nothing else compares)
  • waterproof eyelash glue
  • your favorite mascara (there are a ton out there, but my newest drugstore find is CoverGirl Lash Blast)
  • eyeliner & eyeshadow
  • a well lit mirror
  • clean eyelid
2. Apply a line of eyeliner in pencil or liquid form from the innermost corner of your top lash line and sweep all the way to the end of the eye, pulling your eyeliner up just slightly at the corner to give the appearance of a lifted eye.

3. Next, sweep a matching shade of eyeshadow over your liner to set it.

4. Complete your eye makeup look on the eye bed with your favorite eyeshadow.

5. Curl your upper lashes with the curler and apply one coat of mascara.

6. Squeeze your lash glue onto a small surface or paper plate, and take the first clump of individual lashes with your tweezers and dip just the tip in the glue.

7. Start on the outer most corner of your natural lashes with the first clump and apply as close to the lash line as possible, preferably on the base of your natural lash more so than your actual eyelid.

8. As you get to the center of your eyelid, your natural lashes become shorter, so take your scissors and cut down the falsies a bit so they blend nicely with your god-given lashes.

9. Depending on your eye shape and width, I usually suggest only using about 6 individual clumps per eye, focusing on the outer most part of the eye.

10. Once both eyes are done and the glue is dry (takes about 5 minutes for it to set), finish with one more coat of mascara to blend the falsies with the naturals!

There you go- you look just like Catherine Zeta Jones and you're ready for your close up!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My First Time!

This is my first time blogging- not my first time as a "mommy"! I have two precious sweet and busy boys- 2.5 year old & 5 months old. I am already wondering why I think I have time to devote to something like this when there are diapers to be changed, meals to be made, laundry to be done, and basically to have a life. Oh, and pay attention to my sweet husband at the same time too! There are not enough hours in the day as I'm sure all you other mommies out there can agree to. We have the most thank-less job on the planet, yet the most rewarding one at the same time.

So why have I created this blog and what do I hope to accomplish by it?? Well in addition to being a mom, I am also slightly obsessed with keeping up my good looks that got me into the situation of being a mom...if you catch my drift. I am a freelance makeup artist, so of course I am a big fan of beauty products and techniques that keep myself and my clients looking as gorgeous as possible. I don't believe we as women should "give up" on ourselves and our looks because we don't take the time to take care of #1 after we've taken care of the whole family. Yes, motherhood is exhausting at times, but that doesn't mean you have to look like it! I hope to share my experience of wonderful beauty and cosmetic products out there to help mommies look their best and also motherly advice that has worked for me. I will reiterate the last comment- it worked for ME, so take that for what it's worth. I understand not all families and children are created equal so feel free to take and use my advice, but don't expect it to always work!!

Well the baby is awake and unhappy so that will be my reason for signing off. My next entry will hopefully contain something with a little more substance...depending on how long the kids nap:-)